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29 August 2008

Word From the Wise or To The Wise?

Word from the wise, don't force your tots to climb a mountain or even a mere tree searching high and low for the ripest peaches in all the land at lunch time. For goodness sake, ya think we would know better by now. They did have peach doughnuts and ice cream that we thought would suffice. Points for us! Not.

Here is Jackson's favorite part of our big outing:

Here is Caroline's:

(By the way, Donald and I used to live in those apartments in the background.)

Here are Donald's and my highlights:

So again, Confucius say...

Do you know the Mullet Man?

=Drumroll= I am officially announcing Jackson's first haircut. For those of you who know me, you realize that this is a huge mile marker! I have no clue as to why. You'd think I gave birth to Samson by the trama cutting his hair caused my heart. And I had to do it, and there had to be photos -- of course. Do I need to add that my sweet Donald pretty much made me do it. The kid had bangs past his nose! I am still grieving. HOWEVER!! I have the victory! I did not have to cut his precious, darling, amazingly perfect, baby blonde curls adorning the back of his little neck. So I left them. And now my son may possibly have a mullet. As long as he's not wearing camo it will be OK -- for a little while. I'll let you know when I conquer this one!

28 August 2008

Caroline's Fourth Birthday

Caroline Grace's 4th birthday was August 17th. We had such a blast! She had a ballet themed birthday party at her dance studio with ten of her nearest and dearest. Forget the plies and tondus, these girls were doing the YMCA and chicken dances like they meant to rule the next wedding dance floor. Considering these little girls' ages I'm guessing there are some serious closet kitchen dancing mommies out there. This kitchen dancing momma loved it!

19 August 2008

Thank you, friends!

I just spent a great morning talking on the phone and visiting with a whole bunch of my girlfriends this morning out in the sunshine. I'm thinking of old friends and reading distant friends' blogs too. It is so what I needed after a very busy, very absent few months. If you are my friend, you are a treasure to me whether you're near or far, know you are close in heart! L.Y.L.A.S.
"...a sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Prov. 27:9

15 August 2008

Ta-da! Here is our little miss on her first day of preschool! As you can see she was just a little bit excited. Grammy stayed with us a bit this week since Daddy was out town. I'm so glad my mom was able to be a part of her big day.
Now, getting information out of Caroline about her day is another job all by itself. So far she is excited about doing jumping jacks, snacks, and her good friend Ruthie.
God bless you, our little scholar! Your momma loves you so!

Caroline's good buddy Cassie turned five this month. She had a circus themed birthday party which was a blast! Here Caroline is modeling the latest in balloon wear.

The best part, when you live in the country, you don't have to be a celebrity's kid to have a pony at your party!

We're still here!

We are alive and well! It's been a nutty summer for us, but so much fun. Lots of travel 0f Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina a FEW times!