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20 October 2008

Happy Blogging Birthday!

Ahhh! I missed my blog's first birthday! I am such a horrible blogger. I think I'm supposed to write how much "I love bloggin' with all my heart, bloggity blog blog..." Isn't that what the most talented and dedicated bloggers do? Alas, Face Book and wee children have captured my attention these past few weeks. I will so make it up to you, my big 1 year old blog!

Happy blog-ing to you!
Happy blog-ing to you!
Happy bloooog-ging to yoooooo-uuuu,
Happy blog birthday to you, Alacrity 101!

Bit o' Blog Trivia:
I named my blog after my dad's sailboat.
(Better the blog than one of the kids!)

04 October 2008

Baby Book Blogging

I can't believe I forgot to write about this!!
Warning: If the heart of a mother gets on your nerves, stop reading now.

This past Monday I was saying goodbye to my family for the evening and Jackson said something that sounded like "love you" back to me!! I think I opened and closed the door a few more times just to say goodbye again. And Caroline started sounding out (on her own) consonant-vowel-consonant words the same day! Big day for my wee tots and my over flowing heart.

Here's another cute story while I'm using this as my baby book. Tonight I was singing the routine "Jesus Loves Me" to Jackson in the dark during our bedtime routine. The sweet thing grabbed my cheeks and said, "Momma!" He went to kiss me and instead laid his sweet, runny nose in my mouth. Haha! I know, I know, I warned you!

Also, this afternoon I came to the realization that I am not Kate Hudson and my children's daddy is not a rock star therefore, our 19 month old son could no longer get away with having long hair and I CUT IT! Do you know within minutes of doing so I noticed how big his little feet are and how mature he has become. I think I have officially changed my shades from baby vision to toddler lenses, albeit a little reluctantly. He does look mighty cute though!

If you are still reading this, consider yourself family!

03 October 2008

The Best Day EVER!

Yesterday may have been quite possibly the best day of Jackson's young life! He slept in, woke up to discover his daddy was home and there were "trac-TORS" in his backyard! After an early morning of climbing the excavator we headed over to Palmyra Fire Department where he climbed the fire truck and explored the fire house. Tractors, trucks, fire engines, Daddy... What could be better?

Work Attire

A Picture Says a 1,000 Words

Jacks was over the photo ops at this point.

Mesmerised by the lights:

Jackson - the fire engine, mommy - the flashbulb.