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30 December 2010

Caroline and The Backseat

Today Donald and I took the kids to the mall to make our Christmas returns and enjoy some Christmas money.  He took them and I shopped!  Caroline hung with me for a bit in her big girl dress coat and "Ugs".  We had so much fun trying to decide how to best spend the $1.79 that she brought in her fairy purse.  She carefully chose a necklace with a "C" charm after her wise momma declined a menagerie of lip glosses and nail polishes.  Gotta love Claire's.  It was a great afternoon topped off with a run into Starbucks with my little miss.  This afternoon I was acutely aware of how she has grown.

On the way to the mall Caroline announced that she and Jackson are "BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFs!"  How does she know what BFF means?  Regardless, that was music to my ears, especially since these two sibs don't pronounce their love for one another often.  It got me thinking about how I've heard some of the most treasured comments and surprises from Caroline float forward from the backseat.  Almost as if I could plot points of her growth on the wall of our minivan right next to where they happen.   For instance, in the fall of Caroline's kindergarten year she climbed into the van and announced that she met the boy she is going to marry, like she was announcing that she'd like jam on her toast. I was shocked that the thought had even occurred to her!  Since then she has decided that she's going to marry her brother instead, which suits me just fine.  At least I know the boy!

From the dark depths of the minivan there have been so many moments, and questions, and songs, and temper tantrums... But here is a memory that is especially dear to me.  About a month ago she climbed onto the backseat and just happened to mention while buckling in, "I made someone a Christian today."  Poor thing didn't know she was going to get an inquisition.  I was shocked, tickled, scared, proud, amazed.  My 6 year old, sitting at the cafeteria table had shared her heart with a girlfriend, then prayed with her to ask Jesus into this little darling's life.  Still in awe.  I don't have the guts to even find out what some of my more ambiguous friends believe.

No big deal, Mommy.  I am just making an impact and planning my wedding with my BFF. 

Indeed, you are, little girl!  Impacting your momma and her driving in ways you know nothing about.  Needless to say I'm looking forward to 2011's backseat commentary from my little miss!

Caro and her "BFFFFFFFFFF!"

08 December 2010

Amoeba Love

I told Donald the other day that I have "amoeba love" for Karis; the kind of love that could just wrap itself around the unsuspecting, little edible and swallow it up whole.  Yep, that's how I feel about my little babinski.  She's such an EASY baby and smiles, smiles, smiles.  PRECIOUS.

My Amoeba Love

At her 4 month appointment Karis weighed 14.13 pounds (75th percentile) and was 24 inches long (50th percentile).  Her head was a whopping 90th percentile.  I'm afraid she comes by her big head naturally.  (Some of you will get that -)

Let's see, Karis slept through the night just before Thanksgiving, rolled over on Thanksgiving Day for the 1st time, and can completely delight herself by pondering her fingers.  She also loves to grab her toes and smile at me with a look of sheer accomplishment.  We adore her!

Caroline and Jackson are super big-sibs: 
          -holding her until she squirms --not a long wait
          -making silly faces
          -jiggling whatever baby contraption she is in (Jackson)
          -reading to her (Caroline)
They are a HUGE help when I need a diaper or burp cloth in a pinch, which seems to be often.  As we say in the south, they have taken to her like bees to honey.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention "Dad of the Year".  He is still getting up with Karis when she wakes to change diapers, reassure her, or bring her to me when we cave at 3:00 AM.  He is pretty incredible in the waking hours too.

More Amoeba Love