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18 April 2008

Stop The Presses!

Donald has succinctly laid down the law in the Fields household. Fresh from the peanut gallery, it is clearly the sound of a truck that Jackson is making. (Like I said, "...a Ford.")

Major Mile Marker -- Motor Mahem

Jackson is now kissing his ever-loving momma! Love, love, love, ah sweet love. He puts my chin in his mouth and tries to bite it for all it's worth, It's a kiss. End of discussion.
Without a doubt our babe has learned to make motor sounds. Donald announced this manly accomplishment by proclaiming that his brawny boy can now make the sound of a Ford. Well, not verbatim, but it might as well be.
Unfortunately, I had to break it to my honey that it is really the sound of a Hoover.

08 April 2008

No Love for the "BIKINI"

While we were eating our zucchini tonight, my darling Miss firmly announced, "I don't like bikini," in a most sensitive, polite, whiny three old way. Of course, her renouncing of bikini filled my heart with complete and utter joy, and in overwhelming agreement I gave up my desire to align with "bikini" too. Of course, my bikini had the faint scent of coconut oil and sandy grit to it; however, I stand with my girl! There are just some things you cannot like.

07 April 2008

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