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27 July 2010

She's Here!

Karis Elizabeth
Karis is one week old today! Our sweet baby girl arrived as scheduled at 8:13 a.m. on July 20th. She weighed in at 8 pounds flat and 20.5 inches long. To our delight Karis earned the reputation of being a very mellow baby in the nursery. YES! On the day we left the hospital a nurse even welled up as she said goodbye to her. Of course, I welled up too, as in, I really have to leave this little haven??

How has this week turned into a beautiful memory already?! Leaving behind the thoughts of a sore body and weepy eyes, I'll (hopefully) only remember lots of snuggling and visiting with loved ones in the days to come! I'll think of funny instances too like when Caroline repeated verbatim the lactation consultant's instructions for encouraging "let down" and when Karis tinkled on my sister's hand as she was ooing and ahhing over her teeny bottom. Of course, my heart is busting with moments like watching Caro's and Jacks' enamored faces, Donald whispering in my ear upon delivery "You got your Karis," breathing in her baby breath nose to nose as if we're in our own little peaceful bubble, and those first sleepy grins with the miniature quivery lips. I could go on and on. Ahh, sweetness.

Naturally, her name has sparked some interest, so here's the inside scoop. Karis is pronounced like "Paris" and is my best second grade phonetic spelling. Charis is a Greek word which is translated grace. Basically, when you read the word grace in the New Testament it was penned charis. I suppose in my heart there is something about the thought of Paul, for example, saying and writing that word 2,000 years ago under the direct inspiration of Karis' creator Himself that thrills me.

If you're still curious, grace is interpreted to mean a free, undeserved gift, most specifically Jesus' sacrifice of Himself for us, and the empowerment of God given to every believer in Jesus as their savior. On a less inspiring note, Elizabeth is my middle name and means "an oath of God; a worshipper of God". Wow. Now that I have thought that through her name could seem very religious. Eww, Lord, let it not be!! Our precious gift of grace is named out of my sheer love and delight for Jesus. That and I could not think of another middle name in all those 9 months!
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02 July 2010


Despite my holey swiss cheese moment and Caroline's 24 hour bug, June was a fun month!

Caro and I had a fun girls night out to celebrate the end of a very accomplished kindergarten year. She dressed in her favorite new dress, fanciest pearls, and Cinderella slippers. Her momma was lucky to slap on some mascara and find her flip flops, but the owner of the ice cream shop was so taken with Caroline's beauty that he gave us a free sundae! Love my girl so much!

Making a Father's Day frame -- It was "fun" keeping them painting on their designated sides of the frame.

We made a chain to help us countdown "Sandwich's" arrival on July 20th!

The kids drying off at home after playing in the sprinkler at Reese's 2nd birthday party. Notice the big boy underwear? Yes, the seemingly impossible has happened! Jackson is officially potty trained. Yes, yes, and YES!!

We had a lot of fun at our church's Vacation Bible School. Here Jackson is receiving his 1st certificate! Next to the reward of seeing my kids celebrate and grow in God, I had the joy of being the snack lady, so I was in charge of organizing stations of M&M's, mini marshmallows, and chips to name just a few goodies for theme related snacks. Tough job, but someone had to do it.

Aimee and I picking out potential boy middle names. You can tell by the way I'm holding my book that we got far.

Amy gave Tracy and I a joint shower from our church. These ladies are so precious to me. From my point of view they are the real gifts. They are generous with their love and encouragement!

Here's the belly at 8 months pregnant. Looks like it's made out of Silly Putty. My sister exercising her Bionic Woman hearing.

The kids are over the top with excitement!

The Millers had a BBQ to celebrate Brent's 30th birthday. Watching Donald coach our little man was a highlight. Seeing Jackson throw a football was a first for me. Of course, Donald is holding strongly to the hope that Jacks will be 6'4, weigh a ton, and play for the 'Skins, right D?

These kids have spent HOURS together through the years, from the church nursery to get togethers. They are like cousins. Only wish the rest of the crew could have been there.

Regardless of Caroline's sinister look, it's this doggone Easy Bake Oven that is evil. Caroline was so eager to make her daddy a "cookie" in it for Father's Day. Between you and me, I am so eager to help this lovely gadget find it's way to the trashcan a little prematurely.

D's Father's Day was a little defunct. He wanted to nap and watch the College World Series but then I was able to do the same, which made a quick trip to Lazy Land. We made up for it the following evening by making him a surprise dinner. Just want his quote to be recorded for all time, "This is the best meatloaf you've ever made!" Whoo-hoo, way to score with a loaf of meat!

This is the desk set the kids made for Donald. The picture was taken on Father's Day, so it made the frame. It rather cracks me up. I'm as proud as a peacock!

Father's Day Kiss

I found an afghan my family used as a kid. Guess where? Yep, in a box in the basement! My grandma made this. To accessorize Caroline or the couch?

While digging through the basement I found a ton of teaching material! We had fun with a M&M Counting Book. A good reinforcement for shapes, colors, pattern, counting for Jackson, and adding, subtracting, multiplying for Caroline. Notice the monster trucks made a visit.

Here they are on a bit of a high afterward!! I hope the math skills sunk in as much as the sugar.

I don't make homemade treats very often so these were a big deal. My momma would be proud... Blueberry lemonade popsicles.

We had a power outage for about 12 hours after a big thunderstorm. I jokingly told my friends it was like I had post traumatic stress disorder when the lights first went out. My memories of 3 days without power this past winter rose like the mercury in our thermometer. I must have fired up every candle we owned. I’m sure our house would have been 5 degrees cooler if I had just gathered a flashlight or two. The next day Caro and Jacks kept us entertained with Caroline's dancing to Jackson's piano accompaniment.
Shocker of the month: My friend Melissa sent me flowers out of the blue for ZERO reason other than to love on me! When the delivery man came to the door before I even said hello I asked if he was sure he had the right address. Then I went on and on to Caroline about how sweet her daddy is! Even today it makes my heart smile. (Donald still counts as sweet too. He says he's taking notes from Melissa.)

The basement family room is under way! Sheetrock was completed today!

The last days of June were gogeous -- low hunmidity, tempts. in the 70s!! I savor having my quiet time in the morning on my deck before the kiddos get up. So thankful for this gorgeous weather!