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16 February 2009

Jack Jumps Over His 2nd Candlestick!

The line every parent has in their handbook is, "It goes by so fast!" There are some days this could be meant as a polite encouragement to hang in there, but on days like today it is more of a lament. Two years ago this day our little guy arrived with lungs singing as clear as the truth ringing through that phrase. I admit, those all too familiar words are causing my joy to sting a bit this evening. Today was one of those treasured days I would love to capture. I was extra aware of how my little baby boy has somehow slipped into little dude-hood. As I cleaned the bright red, lipstick polka dots he added to our blase tan couch this morning, I tried to remember him like this...

And later in the afternoon as I scrubbed his very fancy signature a la Sharpie Marker from our floor, last year's birthday-cake-smeared smile came to mind...

My friends and I were saying there is something to this "terrible two" phenomena. It is "terrible to" see a momma sweating the small stuff and forgetting this is what little boys are made of, because time does seem to fly. The poem that comes to mind says something about "puppy dog tails"and "snails," which is a detail I never really cared for, but shouldn't the author have found a way to include the word graffiti?! Oh! And how could one forget cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats.... To me, my little boy's complete fascination and awe of anything with wheels blows my mind.

I am truly amazed that he can correctly identify every motorized sound in our little part of the universe. So of course, to make his day complete I wanted to give my little darling his very own dump truck birthday cake. Voila!
Humbly, I apologize for the envy my very sophisticated, state of the art Caterpillar centerpiece may cause. Maybe we should legislate to ensure that every tot has his own collection of construction trucks construed with glitter and bling for special celebrations. =Oops. Momentary slip.=

I may remember Jackson's 2nd birthday not as the truck birthday, but more like the sports gear birthday! Another fun reminder: Bye-bye stacking rings and hello balls! (I had no idea baseballs come in all sorts of sizes!) He was so tickled!
Grammy and Grandma are two of my favs who like to remind me of "how fast" our babes grow. There are so many exciting moments ahead!! But I would still like to put a bookmark in time every now and then.

Last night's family birthday party for our little dude would be a great place to revisit once in a while. Or today, a one of a kind strand of moments smooshed between newly decorated furniture and flooring. (Albeit, they are one of a kind now, just like my little guy!)

Happy 2nd birthday, precious Jackson.
Your silly mommy loves you so!