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29 December 2007

Halloween 2006 and 2007!

Dad came home early from work this Halloween, and we had a blast getting our sweethearts dressed. We had one ferocious dragon or dinosaur (we can't decide)crawling around while trying to wrestle an excited 3 year old into her Care Bear ("Jackson Bear") costume. Our tradition is to hit the grandparents' home first because they always have loot for us, and then move onto the local church's Hallow Him party. We also visited a couple of our neighbors' homes. One being that of D's cousin Tammy who always gives out "life size" candy bars. Care Bear made out with a rack of Starbursts. At the end of the evening I had fun picking through the candy to make sure it was all safe. I might have stashed a few candy bars away, for Caroline, for later (of course)!

30 October 2007

"Punkin" Picking

We had such a great weekend! Saturday we headed to a pumpkin patch in Orange County that's sure to be a family destination each fall. They had a super petting zoo. It looks like Caroline Grace has a little Dr. Doolittle in her. She and the lamb nuzzled quite a bit. And true to his boy-ness, Jackson was most interested in climbing the gate of little lamb chop's stall.

We've been asked if we picked our pumpkin. My quick reply, "Of course we did!" That's why you go to a pumpkin patch, right? Well of course, it does depend on your definition of picking. We absolutely perused an acre or two of orange; however, mostly from an anchored stance. After posing and primping and positioning our precious tots on the most photo ready of the patch, we then proceeded to pick our pumpkin albeit out of the bin by the checkout stand. That counts, right?! (And I got a ton of quite cute pictures in the patch, but that's beside the point.)

17 October 2007

Let the Blogging Bonanza Begin

Ta-da! The Fields Four have made it into cyber-space! I have to admit I chose this font because it has the word "grande" in the title. I'm thinking so much of what we're given each day is grand! From the skunk (who was mostly pure white) in the front yard last night to my caving in and eating two Almond Crunch Ice Cream bars tonight. Daddy's grand entrance from a business trip with a little wooden airplane in tow. Let me include my grand concern for my sweet momma's health and the loss of a Fields' family friend as well as the father of friends passing this week. Grand. It's all grand. Grand amazement. Grand delight. Grand frustration. Grand heartache. All of us sitting protected, secure, loved in the palm of an even grander hand.