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02 January 2011


It was a great 1st day!  Extremely average and when I am in mid-year feeling rather middle aged with an average life I want to remember how truly remarkable that is.

Let's see, today...
-Jackson crawled in bed with me while I cuddled my 5 month old baby saying he wanted to sleep with me.
-Donald slipped back in from being "in the woods" because he forgot something, but in the process he fixed me a pot of coffee and Jackson his oatmeal.
-my big kids brushed their teeth without hassle.
-I used new hair products that made my post pregnancy, fine, thin hair feel a bit bigger.  Trying really hard to focus on the fact that I have some hair.
-Karis hung out virtually fuss less.
-I was able to call my mom and sister to wish them a great new year.
-Caroline wrapped a few gifts I have to give to folks at church.
-Jackson and Caroline played with his new train from Grammy and my old doll house furniture in her castle for at least an hour.
-I made some awesome banana nut bread and got around to delivering it to a new neighbor 2 houses down that I have actually known for a few years!
-Jackson and Karis napped at the same time for a couple of hours while Caroline read her Bible among other things.  I am not lying, I promise. 
-a couple of old friends sent me some very sweet messages.
-my favorite uncle and I are now FaceBooking.
-the kids and I visited an even older friend and exchanged Christmas gifts. 
-we arrived home at the same time as Donald who had pizza in hand.
- we played "Don't Wake Daddy" with the kids.
-I snuggled all of my kids to sleep.
-I am currently having my fair share of peppermint ice cream with a picked up house, some laundry in process, and may I repeat, sleeping kids.
-Donald just walked in the door safe and sound at midnight from saving his parents and their dead car battery.
-our needs and an awful lot of wants are taken care of.

I realized even after moments of laziness, procrastination, frustration, loneliness, exhaustion, awful comparison that I am loved, lavished, happy, happy, happy and blessed beyond my deserving.  And I'm thinking if you're reading this, you probably are too. 

Signing off very happy to be average.


Erin said...

Beautifully said Kristin! A perfect day. I love being average too. :)

Happy New Year to you and your darling family!

Katie said...

LOVED this post!! I've been feeling the same way lately--so happy and blessed to be average! We had one of the most peaceful days yesterday and if it's any indication of how the year will be, then yippee!
Happy New Year, friend! Love ya.