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04 February 2011

Back to 2011

I promise I know what year it is!  I thought I would write about our year in review last month and missed the opportunity.  2010 was such a BIG year, full of BIGNESS in every way that I may just do a flashback every month.  Now, onto 2011 -- 

This January we were plagued with quite a few unwelcome bugs and some snow, which has kept us more grounded than usual.  I have secretly liked it.  The time home has helped me to understand how Mom maintained a beautiful home and had delicious manly meals every night of my wonder years.  The secret?  She stayed HOME.  Ohhhh, is that how it happens?  I'll think on it. Done thinking.  My poor mom!

We started the month off with a trip to "Chuckie  Cheese-Its" with Grammy.

Jackson loved this bicycling helicopter!

Poor Caroline couldn't get it to move!  Brought back an awful memory of being in a bumper car and getting slammed by other kids, because I couldn't get my car to move. 
Obviously, still traumatized.

Jacks' favorite outfit these days.  Cannot get him out of that old sweatshirt to save my life! 
Why he's on the chair?  I have no idea-

Our sweet baby turned 6 months old!  More on her to come!

One lovely snowy afternoon I *treated* my family to a homemade, gourmet peppermint shake
with the leftover peppermint ice cream from Christmas. 
We were totally psyched, especially since I added peppermint oil
(that was supposed to make my hair grow in nice and thick, but I digress...). 
This turned out more like lactose-infused peppermint schnapps!

Too darling for words, even with a dried boogie on her face.

Can you spy Jackson?

Jackson's teacher Ms. "Ali Dora" says, "He is a very physical little boy." 
Here he is with his buddy Eli on "P is for Pajamas" Day.
I don't think Eli ever saw it coming.

Princess Caroline with her Word Study.  Look at those big girl teeth!

Jacks is quite into anything "fireman" these days...

...and multitasking.

The Return of Caroline's Crazy Hair Day

This is all Karis could come up with for such an event.
10-4 good buddies!

03 February 2011

January 2010

January last year...

Caroline was learning to read!  Love this -- The "princess" reading a Tonka Truck book. 

Doing her best John Travolta moves in her modern day leisure suit!

The 100th Day of Kindergarten and Jackson's snack -

This was hillarious!  Nope, not a gold tooth wanna be, just a stuck raisin.

Crazy Hair Day

Looking quite productive!

Good reminder of all the snow 2010 brought!