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31 December 2012

Memories from 2012

"And with my song I shall thank Him."
-Psalm 28:7

A= apple picking, Aunt Mimi’s visits and cookout
B= riding bikes without training wheels, Barnum and Bailey Circus

C= Caroline's favs: 3rd grade, ACTS, Christmas Tea at The Jefferson Hotel, cut baby ring off of her finger, met author Jim Arnosky, Groove Thing performance, 8th birthday at Onesty Pool, reading; cherry picking, cook outs, doughnuts at Carters Mountain, our sunset Christmas tree hunt at the Kennedy’s

D= Donald's favs: finished work project with flying colors, coached two seasons of T-ball, took the “bigs” hunting, 39th birthday Reeses Peanut Butter cake; diving at Grammy’s pool, drive-in movie theater with friends

E= Egypt IMAX movie, Etiquette School dinner at Glenmore Country Club, Easter egg hunt at Grammy’s and La Fayette playground

F= camped at Fairy Stone National Park for Caroline’s 8th birthday, Caro learned how to do a flip under water, Father-Daughter Christmas Dance, fishing at the lake, sleepovers and flashlight tag at grandparents’, celebrating the Fourth of July at Lake Monticello, Fluvanna Carnival, Fruit Hill Orchard, fun with the fam

G= 1st Girl Scout cookie sale and fall festival, Caro scored a soccer goal or two, God opened the door for us to minister in Guatemala, golf lessons for the kids

H= hiking near Hump Back Rock, hand print stepping stones, hand-me-downs, ministered to the homeless on the Downtown Mall

I= i-phones !!

J= Jackson's favs:  5th birthday party at Camp Friendship and the circus, graduated from preschool, big boy bike, 1st sleep over, started to read, Kindergarten, Lazy S field trip; Jerry John letters from Haiti

K= Karis' favs: the centerpiece of our table A LOT, loved Mommy’s Fisher Price record player, new friends Cana and Abby, enjoyed visiting the Food Lion restroom A LOT, 2nd birthday beach party, 1st haircut, pumpkin decorating, cookie and ornament making with Cana and Abby, Kid’s Point

L= Caro’s spring musical “L.O.S.T.”, swimming at Lake Monticello, Little Drummer Boy performance, Aunt Leni’s visit

M= Mommy's favs: watching my kids, naps with Donald, became a runner girl with running partners, ran the Women’s 4-Miler with Aunt Steph, started leading Charlottesville Women’s Community Group, visited Laura in TN, taught Caro 2nd and 3rd, invited to former students’ graduation parties, Bible study at Effort Church, Sister’s Group, Michie Tavern with Aunt Leni

N= new carpet, new friendships

O= Onesty Pool party for Caroline’s 8th birthday, Caro’s 1st oral book report at homeschooling book club, old friendships

P= pillow forts, pumpkin picking at Hanover Farm, The Point, paint renovation

Q= Quetzel Kite Festival

R= roller skating, Relay for Life with the Meyers, The Royal Ballet's Nutcracker

S= strawberry farming at the Kennedy’s, sledding on the golf course, stuck our heads in a T-Rex skull, Super Heroes and a Strawberry for Halloween, slip-n-slide at Alex’s graduation party, swimming with Grammy, bedtime stories and snuggling

T= Jackson lost 2 teeth – didn’t  realize he had lost the 1st one!, baby turtles, T-Ball, tea parties, Tyler’s community group, tractor rides (Grandpa, Mr. Kennedy, Dr. Farley),Tabitha made Mommy a birthday cake

U= Upwards soccer

V= Velveteen Rabbit book report, Caro learned about the Vikings, Valentines’ Memorial Day cookout, Thanksgiving Indian vests

W= visited my old home in Warrenton, Washington Monument, two trips to Washington and rode the D.C. carousel, watched the Sound of Music with Grammy, played in Grammy’s wedding dress, water gun fights with Dylan and Grandpa, 

X= Caroline had a chest x-ray

Y= yes and you and yummy and youth and yappy kids

Z= National Zoo


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